Paunch Game – Is THIS the MODERN SUMO!? (Funny)

The sumo ridiculous sumo wrestling: Paunch gameplay, is what this video is about. Paunch game you can find on PC & Steam. Down bellow is the download link if you are interested in playing the game yourself.

Paunch is a third-person sumo wrestling game (on Steam), including boulders to throw at your friends with. It’s a dumb (positively) game where the most fun lays when you are playing together with friends. As a Japanese myself, sumo is quite entertaining to watch. Even Kiyoshi and Chiyo from Prison School (anime) adores it. If you have time to spare, why not give it a try?

How many memes can you recognise in this video edit? I hope we can include that as some funny montage or funny moment, but most importantly THANKS FOR WATCHING this fool’s video. A FOOL CALLED; ERIDAUS.

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Play the Game:

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