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Anime Song Cover Contest Round 1【Watch & Vote】アニソンカバー大会 第1ブロック

【Watch & Vote】Anime Song Cover Contest Round 1
▼Voting Rules
①WATCH the video and PICK your fave contestant
②WRITE the NAME of the contestants you are voting for in the below COMMENT section
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▼Judging Criteria
30% Impression
25% Clarity
25% Diction
20% Synchronization

▼Round 1 Contestants
No1 Merodii /Zankoku na Tenshi no TEEZE

No2 花 Chie Kurosaki /ADAMAS

No3 Tia Miki /Bokura no Senjou (Page)

No4 Tensai /Butterfly

No5 Rai Nishijima /Wagamama

No6 Fred Itachi /Anbaransu na Kiss wo Shite

No7 Jossa G Manalili /Chikai

No8 Amally /Niko puri

▼Round 1 Voting Period
12 April Sunday 5PM ~ 19 April Sunday 5PM

▼Round 2 on 19 April 5PM ! Let’s subscribe & Don’t miss it

▼Each round’s Top2 will advance to the Champion Round

【What’s the OtaCute ?】
▼OtaCute Inc.
The CRAZIEST Japanese Event Organizer !!

▼OtaCute Japanese Cosplay Park
Entrance Only P99 ! All Services Free !!





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【Special Thanks】
▼Edit & Host – Myogi 妙義
Myogi YouTube

▼Edit – Nathaniel (CH4U Producer )
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