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Anime Song Singing Live Stream S1 Maid Cosplay | Yukie Dong

Anime song singing live stream on Twitch & Youtube 2020-4-6. Just want to hangout and cheer up everybody. My first singing livestream yay~ It was fun.
The live stream composed of free chat and live singing alternates. You can use time stamp to jump to the singing part if you like.

Greetings: 0:00
Langrisser Mobile OP: 8:34
Chat topics: Langrisser Mobile & Everybody’s Current Games
Dango Daikazoku Acapella: 22:33
Renai Circulation (J-Pop): 25:25
Chat topics: Favorite anime, anime songs, anime convention
Fuwafuwa Time (J-Rock) 53:52

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I’m specialize in Anime song singing in Japanese. If you are interested in requesting a female vocal recording, please contact me in person through discord or my fiverr and airgigs (links below).
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