Samurai Armor: Edo Tokyo and Japanese Sword Museum Virtual Tours

Join for a virtual tour of Samurai armor and swords in Tokyo, Japan. Today we visit the Edo-Tokyo Museum and the Japanese Sword Museum in Tokyo to see katana, wakizashi, and oshigata (art of sword hamon tracing on paper), scale models, and full sets of Edo period samurai armor on display. These museums are both amazing things to do in Tokyo and can be great experiences for kids or adults. There are many interactive displays and a ton of full sized scale models to view in this massive museum. The museum is right next to the Ryogoku Station and the sumo wrestlers arena. This area has great parks, restaurants and is a great place to walk by the river. In this series, Koreen and Levi explore Japan in search of weapons, armour and other fun Japanese historical artifacts.

Today’s Locations:
[00:24] Japanese Sword Museum Lobby: https://goo.gl/maps/kNy4KLG92zmehgpx6
[01:11] Edo-Tokyo Museum: https://goo.gl/maps/wKQJbf65ZeJuF5gF8
[05:25] Japanese Sword Museum: https://goo.gl/maps/kNy4KLG92zmehgpx6

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I’m Levi Woods, an Armorsmith and artist working in Vancouver, British Columbia. I love creating new videos to share my shop creations with you. I love all fantasy, medieval and science fiction movies and especially love crafting arms and armour for costumes and props departments. I’ve been building custom armor since 2000 and have worked as a professional movie prop costumer all over the world. When I’m home in my shop I love building art out of wood, metal and leather and love to explore new techniques. I focus on crafting one of a kind extravagant custom projects with including leather and metal armor for my clients who use them for Films, SCA, LARP, Renaissance Festivals, Cosplay, Costume Contests, and Private Collections. As an artist and craftsman, I am inspired and influenced by artisans and crafts people throughout different cultures and history. Join me on my journey of learning and creating as I craft handmade items. “Subscribe now and let’s get over to the bench!”
Levi Woods, Armorsmith

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