Rusted Japanese Katana swords are way to famous in all over the world so today its been a great pleasure for me i am showing you the whole restoration of the same katana sword in this video. And thanks for giving me 29:00 minutes of your time.

The Blade length is 2.5 ft (76.2 cm) and the handle is 9 ft (22.86 cm).
The overall Sword length is 3.3 ft (100.58 cm)

Here is the whole procedure of this video
o. Used very diluted Sulphuric Acid for removing RUST.
o. Perfectly sanded the blade on my belt sander.
o. Quenched into the Black oil for hardening the Steel.
o. Whet sanding was done upto 1000 grit on the sword.
o. Made a candle wax mold for the guard.
o. Brass Casting was done in my homemade furnace.
o. Sanded the guard with files and after that sanded with different grit of sand papers.
o. Made the HIBAKI piece with the same procedure of Wax casting.
o. Etched our logo of random hands with the help of Ferric Chloride.
o. Hibaki was sanded upto 1500 Grit SandPaper.
o. White wood chosen for the handle.
o. The brass diamond beads were casted with same wax method.
o. Brass beads were embedded into the wood with the help of scroll saw.
o. Used router for routing the wood for the tang.
o. Again Blade was sharpened upto 5000 grit.
o. Polished the Blade with buffing disc.
o. Blackened the wood with the help of gas torch.
o. At the end Finishing process was done by attaching all the pieces with Epoxy.
o. Now used the Clear Paint for better look.
o. Sword is ready for testing.

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