2020 March Sumo Tournament: Storylines and Highlights

The Hatsu recap video I made got a lot more attention than anything I have created before, so I got very motivated to put a lot of effort into making another one for Haru. I took some of the feedback and made some changes. There is a lot more text in this one to clarify the storylines and the tournament format more clearly… this also made the video not as well paced and a whole lot longer. I don’t know which I prefer yet… but we will see. Trying this for now.

In general there were far less “highlight” bouts this tournament, so don’t expect something as flashy as last time. There was also not a massive surprise ending, instead we saw 7 great standard wrestlers put up solid strong Sumo. I love that as well, but if you are a newer fan of Sumo the lack of crazy Enho moments and the like might be a little disappointing.

If you have a hard time understanding what is happening, go watch this video. It is a really good rundown of the basics of Sumo Wrestling.

The music was controversial in the last video. It is here to stay. There are many other channels that just upload the bouts without music, or use less “strange” music. That is not what my channel is about. What I enjoy is seeing Sumo edited to timings in music I myself really like and that I think captures how exciting Sumo is to me. I only use music from Japan and I use music I love and listen to often.

Music list, in order:
Katanagatari OST track 22
Samurai 45 – Miyavi
Butterfly – Miyavi
Other Side – Miyavi
Libera me from Hell – TTGL OST
Yoru wa Nemureru kai? – flumpool
Devilman no Uta – Devilman Crybaby OST
Katanagatari OST track 22 (again)

Terminology used in video:

Ozeki: The second highest rank in Sumo. To reach this rank a wrestler ranked among the highest ranks under Ozeki must have three excellent tournaments in a row. Currently only Takakeisho holds this rank.

Yokozuna: The highest rank in Sumo. To reach this rank an Ozeki must win two tournaments in a row or put up a performance of equal value to that. There have only been about 70 men in history who reached this rank. Currently Hakuho and Kakuryu are the only active wrestlers to hold this rank.

Yuusho: The japanese word for winning a tournament.

Haru Basho: The name for the March sumo tournament in Japanese. (アコーホテルズ)
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