Tsunami Katana – Made for practitioners of Japanese Swordsmanship – Fuji Forge

This tsunami katana is specially designed for practitioners of Japanese Swordsmanship and are very suitable for tameshigiri. The katana is hand-forged HCS 1095 steel, this is a High Carbon Steel and contains +/- 0.95 – Carbon. The blade is differentially hardened and shows a real (not chemically treated) hamon. This special heat treatment gives the steel the most optimum properties, ie a very sharp edge or ha, and relatively more flexible core and mune.

The katana is completely hand-polished (incl. Kissaki) and has a geometric Chu-Kissaki.

The katana does not have a Bo-Hi, so it is more massive and less resistant when hitting an object.

The tsuka or handle is covered with real rayskin and the tsuka-Ito is made of black silk together wit a beaufifull black lacquered saya.

Both the tsuba, the fuchi, and the kashira of this katana are made of blackened iron and the tsuba has an antique tsunami design.

This samurai sword is beautiful for decoration but is extremely functional.


HCS 1095 steel
Hand polishing (incl. Kissaki)
No Bo-Hi
Hand forged and differential hardened
Mekugi: 2
Total length: 101.5 cm
Tsuka (handle) length: 28 cm
Nagasa incl. Habaki: 73 cm
Moto-haba thickness: +/- 7 mm
Moto-Haba: 3.1 cm
Saki-Haba: 2.2 cm
Weight: +/- 1250 grams
Maintenance set

Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

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