GTA 5 PC Online Funny Moments – THE PURPLE CAR BANDIT! | SUMO 3! (Custom Games)


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Hey guys, welcome back to another GTA V video! Today SkyVsGaming is playing another round of GTA Sumo with House_Owner, RedVacktor, and Mithzan! Everyone dons their respective Power Ranger colors and the game begins – Red is quickly eliminated, and Max is soon to follow. Ross compliments Sky on his vehicle, The Weenie Isis, and then Ross eliminates himself, giving Sky the win. In the next round, Sky pulls some sweet jukes against Red that force Red to drive right out of the ring. The next round sees Ross asking Sky to take his top off, and then Sky wins again. He’s won too many rounds now, so the group decides to gang up on him – until Sky reveals that his car is purple because it’s ThatGuyBarney’s skin. Max tries to figure out how to play on a keyboard when his controller dies, but he ends up driving himself off the edge and giving Red his first win. Sky decides that he’s going to get a haircut during lunch, and Ross decides that he’s going to eat Sky’s hair off the floor as it’s being cut. Sky demands that everyone leave him alone while he takes his top off, so, naturally, everyone tries to drive him off the edge. Sky makes a miraculous recovery and saves himself, causing Ross and Max to die. Red tells Sky to drive into him head-on, but Sky backs out and watches as Red drives right off the edge of the map. Sky recalls the days when he used to play the Ocarina with his nose, and he treats us all to a bit of nostalgia when he does just that. It’s down to Ross and Max, but Max can’t figure out the keyboard controls and ends up driving off the map at full speed. Ross plays him a sad tune on his soundboard. Sky decides that Max is the Sasuke to his Naruto, and Max breaks out the middle finger – and then Max’s keyboard gets messed up too, and he’s conveniently stuck flipping Sky off. Their showdown heats up with each miraculously escaping death’s clutches, then Sky flies off the map and gives Max and his keyboard the win. Sky claims that Max didn’t really win, but Max proves him wrong in the next round by taking out all of his opponents through skill alone. The next round is narrowed down to Sky and Red, and they end up having the barrier close in upon them. Sky wins by virtue of stubbornly parking in the middle of the bubble. Ross and Sky need one more win to win the game, while Max needs two and Red needs four – in the final showdown, Max eliminates himself with the help of his keyboard, Sky drives Red off, and then Sky commits a murder suicide with Ross. Luckily for him, Ross explodes first and Sky wins the game (no matter what the game tries to tell him). That’s it for this GTA V Sumo – thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next time! (アコーホテルズ)
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