Japanese sword style Katana.

GI WOO GEE GA 騎牛歸家 is carbon steel sword traditional sword katana Sword test
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The name of the sword is given according to the shape of Tsuba, which is carved a famous Oriental painting.
* There are many various names, so we will give the names separately..
This blade is made with SK85 Special Steel, which is high carbon steel made in Korea.

However, the overall hardness of the iron rod is too strong, and therefore the iron rod is used after annealing and forging.

In addition, the forged blade goes through differential heat treatment by applying clay by the traditional manually method and the beautiful Gunome midare hamon appears at this time.
The front of the blade is given a hardness of about HRC 59, and the back of the blade is given a hardness of HRC of 45 degrees, making it easy to cut without impact when cutting.

The blade is made by hand, so there may be slight hardness differences depending on the product.
The blade is made by a expert swordsmith.
(The expert is Jun-gi Moon, a student of Gunima Matsuba, a famous Japanese swordsmith.)
Blade polishing is performed by Seung-ho Lee, a blade polishing expert with 36 years of experience.
The hilt (Tsuka) is made by attaching real stingray leather on both sides of good quality Madica tree, and then tightly tied with Japanese silk thread Tsukamaki, so the grip is soft.
Saya used a high quality Madika tree and applied natural lacquer.

The tsuba, fuchi, menuki and kashira are made of coppers and silver plated.
Ornament ‘ paintings recreated famous Oriental paintings in the East.

You will be satisfied with the sword’s artistic value, performance and reasonable price.

We issue a warranty and certificate for each sword.


Blade Length 75cm Total Length 102cm Weight 1104g

Blade Width: Habaki 3.4cm Kisagi 2.6cm

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