진검 최고의 전통도검 Best Japan Sword Style Samurai Katana 朱鹮

설명”a sacred ibis and reeds grassland”朱鹮 &草原 Katana ENG 한글

The name of this katana is Tsuba because it has beautiful a sacred ibis and reeds grasslandwith gold inlay, so it is called”a sacred ibis and reeds grassland”朱鹮 &草原 This blade is made with SK85 Special Steel, which is high carbon steel made in Korea.
However, the overall hardness of the iron rod is too strong, and therefore the iron rod is used after annealing and forging
In addition the forged blade was folded 10 times creating 1024 layers.
Straw and coal was used to control the carbon content of the steel. The blade is made by a expert swordsmith.
(The expert is Jun-gi Moon, a student of Gunimasa Matsuba, a famous Japanese swordsmith.)

Once the blade is forged,俊基Jun Gi , cleans the blade to make sure it is free of oil and impurities and then applies the special clay mixture yakibatsuchi (a secret mixture of clay, polishing stone powder & ash or charcoal powder) to the blade, which makes hamon. The blade is then heated up to 720~780℃ and quenched in water, which rapidly cools the edge to form martensite(the hardest type of steel) and slowly cools the body due to its thicker clay coating and forming ferrite and pearlite(softer and more flexible).Basic togi(polishing) is then performed, along with any carvings or personalizations to the body of the blade. Nakago(tang) is polished and the swordsmith’s signature 俊基carved.

The front of the blade is given a hardness of about HRC 59, and the back of theblade is given a hardness of HRC of 45 degrees, making it easy to cut withoutimpact when cutting.

The blade is made by hand, so there may be slight hardness differences depending on the product. The blade is then handed over to our togishi (polisher), 孤松(Lee SeungHo), Korea’s top swordsmith with over 36 years of experience, who uses multiple polishing stones to refine our”a sacred ibis and reeds grassland”朱鹮 &草原 katana.

The hilt (Tsuka) is made by attaching real stingray leather on both sides of good quality Madica tree, and then tightly tied with Japanese silk thread Tsukamaki, so the grip is soft.
Saya used a high quality Madika tree and applied natural lacquer or the skin saya features half-wrap of genuine ray skin near the opening.

Tsuba. fuchi, menuki and kashira is used antique from the Edo Period.
This masterpiece is a result of many master artisans working together.

“a sacred ibis and reeds grassland”katana is made in a traditional Samurai Sword style and is perfect for tamashigiri (ideal for cutting bamboo, tatami and or straw mats) as well as for collecting and displaying.

You will be satisfied with the sword’s artistic value, performance and reasonable price.

We issue a warranty and certificate for each sword


Blade Length 76cm Total Length 103cm Weight 1186g

Blade Width: Habaki 3.4cm(7mm) Kisagi 2.85cm(5mm)

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