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Wood and ceramics turned into quirky, contemporary art

Striking and silver, this fine metal work is dazzling visitors at an international art fair in London.
From metal work to intricate ceramics, London’s COLLECT 2014 is exhibiting a host of contemporary objects created by international designers.
Now in its eleventh edition, this year the art fair for designer items is offering a selection of museum-quality works which also includes jewellery, textiles, wood and furniture.
According to COLLECT, this fair is an important sourcing ground for museum curators and discerning collectors – each object carefully vetted by galleries.
There’s also an emphasis on new work with each gallery required to show at least 15 percent new items.
37 galleries are participating from around the world, including South Korea, Japan, Germany and the Netherlands.
Gallery S O from London are showing off these ceramic sculptures by Swiss artist Christian Gonzenbach.
They’re from a series called the ‘Hcabneznog Series.’ This piece is on sale for $13,684 USD.
Demonstrating the diversity of the fair, there’s also these vessels by British artist Charlotte Hodes.
Hodes’ vessels – with their female connotations – are used as three-dimensional canvases around which images are juxtaposed.
They’re priced between $9,123 USD and $10,137 USD.
“Here at COLLECT, we have 37 galleries from across the world, 13 different countries, and these are dealers that have bought a beautiful selection of ceramics, glass, furniture, jewellery, from all over the world and they’re presented over two floors of the Saatchi Gallery,” says Daniella Wells, the show’s director.
Yufuku Gallery from Tokyo, Japan are showing off a number of pieces including this swirling glass piece by Niyoko Ikuta.
Ikuta’s work is said to capture the complexity of light as it reflects, refracts and passes through cut cross sections of glass.
It’s called ‘Ku-54’ (Free Essence-54).
But visitors here aren’t just encouraged to enjoy these intricate objects, they can also take them home.
Wells says COLLECT is very much a buying art fair, experts and collectors even come here to source new ideas.
“It’s really for people who are devoted to contemporary craft in terms of collector to this field,” she says.
“But many, many more new people are getting involved and we have museum curators from the V&A, from in fact a number of museums across the world coming to buy directly from the fair and that’s really important to us. But it’s individuals that are enthusiastic about the field that we want to come have a look, get interested and purchase.”
Sarah Myerscough Gallery is based in London and is a craft and design gallery which showcases wooden and ceramic works.
Here, they’re showing off this striking wood work by Michael Peterson called ‘Coastal Stack V1’.
Born in Texas in 1953, Peterson’s monumental sculptures are inspired by the geographic environment of the Pacific Northwest.
From wood he personally sources, Peterson uses chainsaws, gouges and special treatments to create striking organic sculptures.
There’s also work by other sculptors including Anthony Bryant, a UK-based woodturner.
“People like to see objects that quite sculptural and I think that’s our sort of specialisation,” says gallery director, Sarah Myerscough.
“My aesthetic is very simple and elegant and refined and I let the materials speak for themselves. So, I’m really interested in the sculptural aspect of the design rather than sort of the more functional, practical side of things, things that look really beautiful.”
Sarah Myerscough Gallery is also displaying multiple items by Ernst Gamperl, a craftsman and sculptural artist who lives and works in Steingaden, Germany.
His works are priced between $4,889 USD and $15,006 USD.
“Wood is till kind of making its own path.”

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