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10 Kawaii Anime Audio IDs for Your Megaphone in Arsenal! Or any Roblox game really…

Japan is epic.


Zerotwo but in Roblox – John Roblox

Blend S Opening

Play the game:

All 10 audios:

1.) Infiniti Mofulity – Camellia, Nanahira, & p19
ID: 1588799536
Uploaded to Roblox by bergtatt

2.) Speed Star Kanade – Camellia (Ft. Nanahira)
ID: 823062320
Uploaded to Roblox by KonekoKittenWasTaken

3.) Animal Land – Nanahira
ID: 1481949785
Uploaded to Roblox by Amatzukaze

4.) Renai Circulation – Sung by Kana Hanazawa
ID: 144997651
Uploaded to Roblox by Woverush

5.) Super Slow Internet San – Camellia (Ft. Nanahira)
ID: 4009209899
Uploaded to Roblox by Rum1a

6.) Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko San – Sung by Azumi Waki
ID: 3062757771
Uploaded to Roblox by DaSandvich

7.) Bitter Sweet Harmony – Sung by Megumi Nakajima
ID: 3877999207
Uploaded to Roblox by Squidwaard666

8.) ZEROTWOOOOO – John Roblox
ID: 3951847031 & 4459223174 (2.0)
Uploaded to Roblox by John Roblox (2.0)

9.) Niwaka Sannen Ota Hachinen – Camellia (Ft. Nanahira)
ID: 3219115800
Uploaded to Roblox by Karnajj

10.) Bon Appètit – Blend S
ID: 1178506899
Uploaded to Roblox by Ayhjeff

Notice (Must read):

1.) I do not own any of the music used in this video, credits to the owners above and below the notice.

2.) Yes, I’m a weeb.

3.) Having the “Ace Pilot” and “Red Panda” skin when playing the audio above are recommended, or else ya know, it’s gonna be a little awkward

4.) I had planned this since early January. All of the clips shown were taken from mid January through early February. But I was not motivated to edit lengthy videos because of school. Recording all of the audios was also tough. Sorry.

5.) I used google translate for the Japanese letters bruh.

6.) More anime audio ids coming soon!

7.) I hope this video helps! 😉 (アコーホテルズ)
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