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While Samgyupsal and Yakiniku joints are fast spreading around the metro, Sumo Niku has established itself as one of the higher level restaurants in the industry, thanks to an impressive menu roster that features unique items.

Aside from Sumo Niku’s 14 meats (including pork, beef, chicken, and WAGYU cubes), the store offers unique side dishes like cheese balls and buttered corn. Their mozzarella cheese dip is also one for the books.

Overall, the experience here is great, and the little things set them apart from the rest. Service is top-notch; the grill has parchment paper, and the overall food roster is impressive.

The only caveat perhaps is that unlimited drinks are not yet part of the package.

Nevertheless, this is where Sumo Niku ranks among the Samgyupsal and Yakiniku spots in the metro.

MNL Food and Travel Samgyupsal and Yakiniku Spots Power Rankings

Special Emeritus rank 

GEN Korean BBQ House


1️⃣ Tajimaya
2️⃣ Shabunoki
3️⃣A. Yakiniku San
3️⃣B. Meatsumo

Alpha Tier

5️⃣A. Samgyupsalamat
5️⃣B. Sumo Niku
7️⃣ Premier the Samgyupsal
8️⃣ Donday
9️⃣ Romantic Baboy
🔟 Grill Pit (Molino, Bacoor)
11. Hyeong Won (Molino, Bacoor)

Meh Tier

12. Samgyup Sama Sama
13. Samgyupmasarap

💩 Tier

14. Sigsaga (BF Homes Las Pinas)
15. Hungry Pick (Molino, Bacoor)

Next in line:

Fantastic Baka
Go Kizin
Hanayo Grill
Gyumon Yakiniku
Geonbae Sacred Heart
Fantastic Chef
Shabu Shabuko
Meat Here Calamba
Soga Miga
Pork Heroes
Samgyupsal TAYO Dasma
Namoo House
Wrong Yakiniku
Manna Rob Pala Pala
Songdowon HK Plaza
Yokocho Baclaran
Mr. Korea
Bi Kyeong Tagaytay
Samgyup King
Seoul Station


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