Japan hold robot sumo tournament

Tokyo (Japan), Jan 09 (ANI): The box-type robot will lose if it goes out of the round ring. Robots are designed to win by being fast, powerful or with sensor blocking wings. The tournament was held by software manufacturer company“Fuji Soft” at the “RyogokuKokugikan” where traditional Japanese wrestling “Sumo” takes place. It’s known as the main sumo tournament in Japan. Participating teams are from Japan and 31 foreign countries. Robot fighting rule is similar to actual sumo rule. The signal of the referee’s start is the same as sumo. The size of the robot should be under 20 cm, and no more than 3000 gram. There is a strong magnet on the underside of the robot to prevent it from flying. Players have two types of robots: autonomous robot that can recognize and fight with its own program and the radio-controlled robot that are operated like radio-controlled toy. This is a final game of autonomous robot. If it gets two wins it canbe the champion. The youngest team in this tournament is high school students. “Robot Sumo” started 30 years ago. The idea is about robots which are produced by many engineers and contributed greatly to the robot industry.
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