IAIDO, Japanese sword art, in several different kata, by Stefan Stenudd

Iaido, the Japanese sword art, by iaido and aikido instructor Stefan Stenudd, presently 7 dan Aikikai shihan. I do a number of iaido forms, from different iaido schools and also some of my own invention (I know that is contrary to tradition).

I can’t say that I’m totally pleased with what I see. My posture needs improvement, my cuts are insufficiently extended forward, I do an extra thing with the saya before noto, and so on. Well, well… things to work on.

My aikido and iaido dojo is Enighet in Malmö, Sweden: http://www.aikidoenighet.se/

More about iaido, aikiken and aikibatto, on my website:
Here is my book about aikibatto:

My aikido books:


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