🇯🇵We went to “CONVEYOR SUSHI🍣🍣” in Japan🇯🇵. 日本の回転寿司!Cheap and delicious!

“回転寿司” “Conveyor Sushi”

“This restaurant is the place where you pick sushi from a rotating conveyor belt.”

“They are reasonable and easy to eat for common people.”

“Sushi is vinegared rice topped with a raw fish.”


maguro まぐろ 
uni うに 
ikura いくら 
buri ぶり 
madai まだい 
engawa えんがわ 
tako たこ 
hotate ほたて 
ika いか 
akaebi あかえび
tsubugai つぶがい 

#conveyorsushi #Japan #回転寿司 #cheap (アコーホテルズ)
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