The whisky Samurai! A journey into Japanese Whisky/ Japanese Whiskey from Yamasaki to Yoichi

That short video tells you about the creation of Japanese whisky/ Japanese Whiskey. A story that starts in 1853 with the visit of the American Commodore Mathew Perry, the creation of Yamasaki Distillery in 1923, Yoichi in 1934. Today, the Yamasaki Distillery near Osaka is producing famous Japanese whiskies such as:

An history that continues today with the production of great whiskies in small distilleries like Chichibu near Tokyo.

The video is also covering the Japanese drink from traditional sake to the amazing underground whisky bar such as the Campbelltoun loch bar in Tokyo.
The video does also introduce Whisky Samurai Tomoyuki Oka from the Bar Kitchen in Fukuoka and its 3000 whiskies.

The subject of Japanese whisky is complexe and we hope that video will inspire you to find out more and why not travel to Japan. (アコーホテルズ)
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