Moe Moe Kawaii Japanese Anime/Cosplay/Idol Background Music (for Shops&Restaurants&Events)

Nash Music Channel is a background music player app from Japan -for commercial premises, public events, and internet broadcast. You can carry the app around and play music everywhere.
Background music player app from Japan -for commercial premises, public events, and internet broadcast. You can carry the app around and play music everywhere.


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【Tokimeki Twinkle Moekyun Hours】
Super kawaii J-pop sound! This Japanese otaku dance music makes an impact on comic markets, anime/cosplay events, moe-moe game shows, etc. The lovely idol sound also fits the shops and events featuring cute Japan contents for elementary school kids and early-teen girls.

【Reliable Solution for Business-Use】
Non-PRO music. No need to worry about any third-party authorities.
All license fees are included in one simple monthly rate of $3
Install the app to a tablet or smartphone to play music in public.

【Who We Are】
We create copyright-cleared music tailored for all kinds of businesses—beauty salon, apparel, cafe, bar, restaurant, relaxation, clinic, office, hotel, etc. With us, you don’t need to worry about dealing with copyright issues. We have taken care of it all.

The music is known to influence human perceptions. It makes the price tag feel less heavy or light. It may encourage people to feel more relaxed or anxious. You can make your customers shop a bit faster, or stick around longer.

Slower or faster. Low or high. Jazz or classical or rock or dance. Nash Music Channel helps you create the right experience with a large music library that covers most styles. You will know that quality does not have to be expensiveーvisit our website:

【Things that make our app the first-choice background music player for business.】
1. Diverse Music Mixes
Spanning a wide range of styles, moods, feelings, and genres. Get access to our expanding catalog designed by excellent artists and music curators. We frequently add new programs, in keeping with your businesses—new visions and challenges.

2. Easy & Fun to Select
Search music by scene tags & keywords that are specifically designed for brands, businesses, stores, restaurants, offices, etc. They will help you find effective music selections. Be compelling. Be unique. Pick the sound that best suits your needs.

3. Flawless Listening
The app stores audio content locally on your tablet or smartphone. No cuts. No advertisements. No interruption anymore. Play music without breaks.

4. Left Alone by PROs
We own all the rights to the music content found in the app. No need to pay any third-party including Copyright Collecting Societies (PROs) such as ASCAP, BMI, GEMA, PRS, or JASRAC. Be carefree. With your subscription comes a certificate of authentication. Present it when necessary.

5. Carefree, Uncomplicated
The app does not require you to sign up or log in. We do not collect your information at all. Install the easy-to-use app to your tablet or smartphone and simply connect it to the speakers at hand. No new hardware required. You can start right now.

6. Digital Age Conscious
You can live stream events—exhibitions, contests, parties, etc. with the music in the background. Record it and upload the footage to SNS or YouTube. Never get banned or muted for the copyright issues. Feel safe to play background music even online.

How Different From Spotify Or Apple Music Or Other Music Services?
By subscribing to Nash Music Channel, you get licensed for commercial and public use of the music—directly by us, the creator and the copyright holder. Big consumer music services such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, etc. are only licensed for private, individual listening. Be careful. (アコーホテルズ)
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