Japanese Maple Bonsai Repotting (2020)

This tree was desperate for a repot. The soil had broken down and watering was extremely difficult last season. My Japanese Maple ‘beni-chidori’ bonsai, imported from Japan must be repotted before health issues get bad.

I have to remove the muddy akadama searching for intact soil particles. Then replant the bonsai into fresh substrate. Spring is the perfect timing for bonsai repotting, this Japanese Maple is just coming out of dormancy.

Acer palmatum ‘beni-chidori’ has pink spring foliage, fading to light green through summer, and pink again in autumn/fall before the leaves drop. It is a vigorous grower and makes a beautiful bonsai tree.

Also an update from the wedge cut experiment on the Fuji Cherry.

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