About Japan’s Major Official Anime Goods/Merchandise Shop Animate(アニメイト)☆by Japanese Cosplayerひかり☆

Hi there, こんにちは☆
This time I want to introduce about one of the largist Anime Official Merchandises Shops, Animate(アニメイト)!
I know already many Otaku people recognizes this shop, but for the beginner or how we see this shops as Japanese Otaku, I explained about Animate on this video.
You can check general information, and also how to go to Ikebukuro Animate, and how we Japanese people think about this Animate.
Hope it helps and I am happy if it helps beginner otaku people to find good information about this Animate(and also Otome Road) too!

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コスプレイヤーのひかりです、I am Japanese cosplayer with 15+years experience and also 20+years Fujoshi/Otaku, who have been to over 40 countries! And also Economist.
I launched this channel since I showed around so many foreign friends from all over the world in Japan and I have got tons of questions from my dear foreign friends so far….so really hope it helps.
I will introduce Otaku/Yaoi lover related Nihongo Words, recommendable Anime/Manga shops in Japan, good Cosplay related shops (for costume, wigs), and also Local place to eat or play for Japanese Otaku, and Makeup, many local Conventions, Customes…..and everything!
Anytime welcome to have any questions or request to share more broader topics!!宜しく! (アコーホテルズ)
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