T Jass vs 2HYPE In SUMO SOCCER! Most INSANE Game Ever! Overtime TRASHES $5 Million Mansion 💰

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EPISODE 2 OF SUMMER THRONE. This is a reality show with the people who work at Overtime competing to see who is the KING or QUEEN of the squad.

In today’s episode, we have our FIRST ELIMINATION. I won’t give it away, but the first person who’s outta here is NOT A SURPRISE lol. The elimination dungeon is epic with an unreal obstacle course. Unfortunately a lot of our guys can’t swim lol.

After that we have another TEAM BATTLE. To make the teams even, they brought in our professional gamer, AIRCOOL. This little kid talks a lotta trash and I personally wanna fight him! lol!?

We also brought in TRISTAN JASS aka T JASS to help out the blue squad while ZACK from 2 HYPE locked in with the red squad. We got these guys going at it in an unreal game of SUMO SOCCER. These games are getting intense and honestly are a bit frightening.

Summer Throne is just getting started. WHO WILL GO HOME NEXT!?

New episode dropping every Thursday night!

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