Japan Licensed “Samurai” Professionals, Freelancers, and getting a Visa

1. The roles of the major licensed professionals (“Samurai” professional (“Shigyou”) ) for business
2. Useful immigration procedure tips for entrepreneurs and expats in Japan.

Presented by the Visa and Beyond by Takatsuka Office

3:30 Introduction Yuichi Takatsuka
9:05 Gyoseishoshi different licenses
14:03 Samurai Professional 士業 and comparing level of licensed professionals
17:27 TOSBEC and the 5 “Samurai” Professionals
18:15 Administrative Solicitor (Scrivener) Gyousei-shoshi 行政書士
21:20 Judicial Solicitor (Scrivener) Shihou-shoshi 司法書士
22:40 Certified Public Tax Accountant Zeiri-shi 税理士
23:50 Immigration Lawyer; “Gyosei-shoshi” who pass Immigration workshop exam
25:37 Labor and Social Security Attorney shakai-hoken-roumu-shi 社会保険労務士
27:02 SMEs Management Consultant chusho-kigyo-shindan-shi 中小企業診断士
34:40 Pros and Cons Attorney of Law, TOSBEC, Specialized professionals
39:30 Starting a business as a freelancer
41:38 Case 1: Oversea students do freelancing
45:32 Case 2: Full-timer to Freelancer
47:45 Business ad Freelancer Visa Open Discussion and Sharing Experiences
55:14 Specialist in Humanities/International Services
56:38 Comparing Japanese Business Manager Visa to American Business Visa (EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program)
59:09 Notification on the Contracting Organization
1:00:32 Requirements of Permanent Resident
1:04:07 Immigration Bureau becoming Immigration Agency
1:06:00 Comparing Japanese and Australian Permanent Residency
1:07:04 Contracting vs. Dispatch Worker Status affecting Health Insurance and Pension
1:12:15 Permanent Residency Requirement 3. “the interest of Japan”
1:13:04 High Skilled Foreign Professional Visa vs. Permanent Residency
1:16:00 Pathways, Increasing Immigration Restrictions, and Case Studies
1:24:02 Spouse/Marriage Visa

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