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Top 50 non-Anime Japanese Songs of 2019 (Mass Rank)

Why does this list feel inverted.

in-Velocity scores songs on how edgy they are, which is why all the crap has high scores and good songs are low, since good songs aren’t edgy.

Error: 37 is the wrong song, should be

Tiebreaker: rinter-kun


Name Average Green Red
Daytona-520 6.19 10 11
KinushimaAkira 7.04 7 3
Lightfellow 5.45 4 14
MiCRONiQUE 6.48 0 2
rk 6.66 9 6
in-Velocity 5.37 2 11
fullmetalmasify 7.21 6 1
N.P.L.S 6.71 2 6
GYO 8.41 16 0
YonGin 6.89 8 4

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Songs Used:

“3min” by Aimer
“Adventure” by Beverly
“AGAIN” by CrowsAlive
“Before I Rise” by Jun Maeda x yanaginagi
“Beginning” by Nothing’s Carved In Stone
“Believe In Your Emotion” by Do As Infinity
“BRAND-NEW” by Sanari
“continue” by marycoco
“Dousenara Ame ga Yokatta” by DADARAY
“Eisouka” by THE LiBERO
“endless Story” by BAND-MAID
“Fuben na Kawaige” by Genie High feat AiNA THE END (BiSH)
“Gogatsu wa Hana Rokushou no Madobe Kara” by Yorushika
“good morning glow” by SUGARLUNG
“Harukaze” by LOOP POOL feat. akari (Shiki)
“Hikari” by issei
“Hollowness” by Minami
“Hz” by inuyorinekoha (feat. nao”)
“journey” by Yoh Kamiyama
“Kaibitsu no Uta” by ReoNa
“Kimi dake” by halca
“Kimi no Teiden no Machi ni” by Haruka Miyake
“Kioku” by Mellow Yellow Banana Moon
“Kuchinashiko” by fulusu
“Living Dead” by MUCC
“Miss you” by KENT
“Namakemono” by Acme
“Name of Justice” by ROKUGEN ALICE
“Namida no Enogu” by KOTOKO
“Not Enough” by Rei Yasuda
“November” by hitorie
“Pulse” by LUNA SEA
“Reincarnation” by Sennzai
“Roro-chan no Jisatsu Haishin” by Shinsei Kamattechan
“Saint” by She, in the haze
“stair” by May’n
“Storyteller” by miwa
“supernova” by yumegui
“Swinging Heart” by Akari Kito
“Tada, Mada, Watashi” by sukekiyo
“Teinen” by Sokoninaru
“The Days” by The Mirraz
“Toumei Kazu” by sea’s line
“Toushindai” by ReoNa
“Tsuki-iro Horizon” by [ALEXANDROS]
“Uchuu” by CHRONICLE
“We Two” by Aimer (アコーホテルズ)
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