Exploring Japan Food and Armor: Tour of Samurai Museum Shinjuku in Tokyo

Exploring Tokyo on the search for arms and armor. Want to know the best place to try on Samurai Armour? Today we explore the Samurai Museum Shinjuku in Tokyo, Japan and visit Meiji Shrine. We also make some amazing food stops including korean spicy soup, conveyor belt sushi and some Tokyo Street food: Taiyaki (Custard Filled Waffles) I’m currently travelling around Japan looking for both historical and reproductions armor. Upcoming videos include a visit to a Tottori museum that held over 100 samurai yoroi (armor) and oyoroi (Great Armor)

Maps of places visited in this Tokyo Tour:
Westin Hotel Tokyo:
Sony Experience:
Meiji Jingu:
Naruto Taiyaki Honpo:
Samurai Museum Shinjuku:
Conveyer Belt Sushi: (アコーホテルズ)
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