Anime North 2015 Cosplay Video

Thank you so much to all the cosplayers who took some time out of their day to film with me!! You guys are awesome!! 🙂

Song: Fractured By Lights and Motion (I found this song through another cosplay videographer in Japan! He kindly let me use it as well! Check out his channel!!

Anime North was one hell of a con this year! So many cosplayers! It was pretty windy too, and HOT. HOT AND SUNNY. I was only at Anime North for Friday and Sunday, (had a dragonboat competition on Saturday :D). I was worried I wouldn’t be able to film enough cosplayers but once I saw the amount walking around I didn’t have to worry too badly 😛 This year I got to work as staff for the media department which was pretty awesome, a hotel and snacks all day! Also filmed other things at the con which will be uploaded on the Anime North Youtube channel!

If you see yourself or any friends in the video don’t hesitate to tell me! Give me links to put in the description!

Cosplayers Links

Misa Misa –
Toronto Cosplay Medic –
Nemesis –
Honoka Kosaka Wedding Version –
Reaper –
Mafia Jinx –
Head Hunter Caitlyn –
Vi –
Sonia –
Cinematic Garen –
Male Hak –
Female Hak-
Tuna who popped out of dress –
Hime –
Hestia –
Bell –
Le gasp Homura –
Le gasp Shuu –
Neptune –
Mercury –
Hime –
Ahri –
Chinese Vampire –
Shiro –
Derp Genderbend Haru –
360 videographer –
Inori – (アコーホテルズ)
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