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Learn Japanese with Anime Songs: BLUE BIRD (Naruto Shippuden Opening 3) with RisakoJasmine

Let’s learn new Japanese words with anime songs!

はばたいたら 戻らないと言って (habataitara modoranaitoitte)
“You say if you would fly away, you would never return”
目指したのは 白い 白い あの雲 (mezashitanoha shiroi shiroi anokumo)
“You aimed for those white, white clouds”
突き抜けたら みつかると知って (tsukinuketara mitsukarutoshitte)
“If you make it through you know you will find it”
振り切るほど 蒼い 蒼い あの空 (furikiruhodo aoi aoi anosora)
“Keep trying until you break free to that blue, blue sky”
蒼い 蒼い あの空 蒼い 蒼い あの空 (aoi aoi anosora aoi aoi anosora)
“That blue, blue sky, that blue, blue sky”

1. もどらない (modoranai) “do not return”
negative form of もどる (modoru) “return” 👉 verb

2. しろい (shiroi) “white” 👉 adjective

3. くも (kumo) “cloud/clouds” 👉 noun

4. あおい (aoi) “blue” 👉 adjective

5. そら (sora) “sky” 👉 noun

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