Japanese Samurai Sword with Black Blade Video

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Japanese Katana with 1060 carbon steel black blade

100% handmade – Japanese Katana – 1060 carbon steel – extremely sharp – Amazing quality – battle ready – Black blade – Amazing price – Collectors item – Clay tempered steel – Free engraving – Stunning workmanship – Full tang – Free shipping


We love the black blade samurai sword, a sword with a difference, uniquely designed with a fusion of defense, style, durability and beauty. A real Mc Coy for martial art experts.

If you know a samurai sword lover, then gifting them this sword is the best choice you can make. The black blade samurai sword is not just your regular kind of sword, because it comes with a lot of appealing features.

Additionally, the Japanese Katana were produced at the end of the samurai era to serve the Japanese Army and Navy. A product with a special and rare forging.
Our Japanese katana are forged out of respect for the traditional Japanese workmanship, which were crafted in diverse sequence and style for diverse purpose.
They represent the symbol of the samurai soul and they also serve as art collection for lovers and collectors of samurai sword.

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