From all Asians and Anime fans the one who dislike western cosplayers the most are from Japan

From hundreds millions Anime fans in the world the one who don’t like western cosplayers the most are Japanese, not only because Japanese prefer cuteness for many things including appearance [ westerners are not cute including for Japanese ] but also because Japanese believe westerners look very different from Anime characters. To see more evidence about this then just go to

Check the Japanese toys which “making fun of” westerners face, especially check the 2D character on the toy’s background which based on westerners appearance, did you see how very different that western character is compared to Anime characters? That western characters just look like the cartoon characters which westerners made based on themselves.

Also check the Japanese ads depicting westerners appearance based on what Japanese believed, as you can see Japanese believe that westerners have small deep set eyes, big long nose, square face, square jaw and big wide body form which are all the opposite of Anime characters big narrow set eyes, small nose, round face, sharp jaw and smallish body form. (アコーホテルズ)
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