Box Sumo: Ep. 2 – Fairy vs. Pirate

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Pixie dust or walk the plank! It’s time to decide who is stronger: Fairies or Pirates? In this exciting episode of Box Sumo, you won’t be able to stay seated from the sheer excitement seeing these fighters in glorious combat! The fairy is bringing the heat, but does the Pirate have an ace up his peg leg?

Enter the crazy world of Box Sumo, where anything can happen! These micro robot fighters, powered by HEXBUG vibration technology, square up against your opponent. Collect all 60 characters and decide who is fighting next. Make it as outrageous as you want!

You can also download a blank template and make your own characters, backgrounds, and even dynamic props at Print off all the tools you will need to build your own Box Sumo sets, then make your own exciting fight videos and stories! Lights, camera, and you bring the action!

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