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The Tata Sumo is a SUV produced by the Indian automobile manufacturer Tata Motors from 1994 to 2019. During production its name was changed to Sumo Victa and later to Sumo Gold.

The Sumo was launched in 1994 as a ten-seater rear-wheel-drive SUV primarily designed for military use and off-road transport. It saw great sales success, and more than 100,000 Sumo vehicles were sold prior to 1997.

Rear of the Tata Sumo
The Sumo was based on the Telcoline’s Tata X2 body-on-frame platform with a redesigned and strengthened rear axle to adapt it to off-road use with part-time all-wheel drive (rear-wheel drive with the option of traction in off-road situations only) with grafting system an electric control up to 60 km/h, self-locking rear differential and manual block front hubs, then eliminated in favor of the fully automatic solution. The front suspension is a double swinging trapezium and torsion bar, while a salisbury type beam rear axles with parabolic leaf springs and antiroll bar has been adopted at the rear. The front brakes are a ventilated disc combined to the rear which is a self-adjusting drum.

In the Indian market the rear-wheel drive version was sold to the civilian market, the four-wheel drive was sold to fleets and the Indian army. In the export market the 4WD version was regularly sold alongside the 2WD.

Prior to the Sumo, the Indian market had stagnated, where the most modern vehicles in the same class were from Mahindra and Mahindra, primarily derived from the original Willys Jeep models. Upon release, Tata Sumo quickly captured a major segment of the utility automobile market in India.

The Sumo name comes from Sumant Moolgaokar, a former MD of Tata Motors.

The engine was the same as the Telcoline: the 2.0-liter 1,948 cc four-cylinder diesel Peugeot XD88 naturally aspirated manufactured under license by Tata Motors in India with two valves per cylinder and indirect injection with pre-chamber and 63 horsepower. The gearbox is a G76 5-speed manual.

In 1996 the Sumo range was updated with the new more refined “Deluxe” version. In 1998 Tata introduced turbocharged version of the Peugeot XD88 2,0 litre diesel engine for the export market, the new engine is homologated Euro 2 and has an output of 92 horsepower.

In 2001 the Sumo Deluxe Turbo with 2.0 TDi engine was introduced in India .
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