【Vlog2】Sushi train in Australia / オーストラリアで回転寿司屋に行ってみた!

◆この動画について(About this video)

In this video, we went to sushi train in Australia. We did kind of like comparison between Japanese and Australian sushi train.


◆私たちについて(About us)

We are a Japanese and Australian couple living in Brisbane, Australia. Georgina studied linguistic at university and Kazuki is going to study a Master of Computer Science from next Feburary.

◆ビデオについて(About our video)
・Vlog(日本、オーストラリア両方での生活を発信していく予定です) 投稿頻度は週2回程度目標です!

These are the types of videos that we would like to make: -Language study (Kazuki graduated from the University of Tokyo and Georgina has studied Linguistics, so we would like to do videos on helping Japanese people with their English study and foreigners with their Japanese study.) -International relationships ( A look into an Australian and Japanese couples day life, differences of culture etc. ) -Vlogs (We would like to do vlogs of our trips to Japan and other activities) We also intend to contribute to our YouTube at least twice a week.

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