Shogun’s Castle – The Eight Noble Virtues of a Samurai (2019) (Japanese Synth)

Artist : Shogun’s Castle
Album : The Eight Noble Virtues of a Samurai
Year : 2019
Genre : Japanese Synth, Ambient, Koto Ambient, Dungeon Synth
Country : Serbia


1. Righteousness (義 gi) 00:00
2. Courage (勇 yū) 02:46
3. Benevolence (仁 jin) 05:42
4. Respect (礼 rei) 07:45
5. Honesty (誠 makoto) 10:16
6. Honour (名誉 meiyo) 12:40
7. Loyalty (忠義 chūgi) 15:15
8. Self-Control (自制 jisei) 16:48


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“The Eight Noble Virtues of a Samurai” is a concept album inspired by ancient medieval Japanese lifestyle and Samurai code of conduct. It speaks of forgotten virtues by which men led their lives and fulfilled their duties in the realm of mortals. Musically and stylistically, inspiration comes from kabuki theatre music and old Japanese koto folk music.

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