Sumo, Simulation of Urban Mobility: Output Trace Files and Metrics, part 1

Command lines for SUMO Output

0) Sumo Floating Car Data (FCD) Trace File
sumo -c myConfig.sumocfg –fcd-output sumoTrace.xml

1) Raw vehicle positions dump:
sumo -c myconfig.sumocfg –netstate-dump my_dump_file.xml

2) Emission Output: Amount of CO2, CO, HC, NOX, fuel, electricity, noise, emitted by the vehicle in the actual simulation step
sumo -c myconfig.sumocfg –emission-output my_emission_file.xml

3) Full Output:
dump every information contained in the network, including emission, position, speed, lane.
Warning!!! takes a lot of time to accomplish this task and the file size is very big (~GB)
sumo -c myconfig.sumocfg –full-output my_full_output.xml

4) SUMO Lane change Output
sumo -c myconfig.sumocfg –lanechange-output my_lane_change_file.xml

5) SUMO VTK Output
sumo -c myconfig.sumocfg –vtk-output my_vkt_file.xml

Help: (アコーホテルズ)
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