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Top 49 non-Anime Japanese Songs of Summer 2019 (Mass Rank)

Why 49? Because 50th only had 23.5 points which doesn’t deserve to be in a video that has the word Top in it.

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Reminder the star is the person’s favorite song and represents a +1. Also mass ranks are nominations based.

Tiebreaker: N.P.L.S


Name Average Green Red
Daytona-520 5.97 4 11
KinushimaAkira 6.96 8 3
in-Velocity 5.50 5 21
MiCRONiQUE 6.93 3 1
rk 7.57 13 3
LlamaOP 6.39 6 8
StoneGarden 5.68 4 12
PandoraNeko 6.38 2 3
Maj 6.50 2 1
YonGin 6.98 11 5

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Songs Used:

“Amaryllis” by Machibito
“Beautiful Dreamer” by 9mm Parabelium Bullet
“Boku no Ikiteru Imi” by Qyoto
“BWLAUTE BEIRRD” by Yumeno Yuki
“CACTUS” by sleepy.ab
“CLOSE EYE” by Age Factory
“COEXIST” by coldrain
“Diamond” by kobore
“Don’t you think” by THE ORAL CIGARETTES (feat. Lozareena)
“Dream End” by HOWL BE QUIET
“Dynamo” by Pepetterz
“echo (2019 mix / remastered)” by popoq
“Engine” by Do As Infinity
“Girlfriend In A Coma” by PELICAN FANCLUB
“Haru, Yoru, Meguru.” by For Tracy Hyde
“Hateshinai Sora” by Gourdmountain
“Highest Mountain” by KNOCK OUT MONKEY
“Hresvelgr no Shoujo ~Fuuka Setsugetsu~” by Caro
“Jiga” by DuelJewel
“Kaibutsu no Uta” by ReoNa
“Kamisama no Iu Toori ni” by LATULATU
“Kimi ga Nemuru Kisetsu ni” by NEVERLAND
“laughing man” by yardlands
“Lost” by Cyanroom
“Love Me Fender” by Village Man’s Store
“mary” by lullaby
“MINE” by NavyCity
“Moth” by Sakanaction
“Mushoku no Seitai” by Ivy to Fraudulent Game
“Namida no Kaidan” by BBHF
“Narihibike” by Alcosite
“Niji-iro no Natsu” by Sayaka Kanda
“Omoibito” by Ryokuoushoku Shakai
“One step” by ROKUGEN ALICE
“Pleiades” by LELLE
“Sea of Fire” by mizuki(from UNIDOTS)
“sea” by grumble grumble
“Shinryou” by Hakucho no Shitade
“Starlight Starlight” by polly
“VISION” by frederic
“We are not alone” by THE AGUL feat. Yudai Takenaka from Novelbright
“WE ARE THE W.W.W 2019” by World Wide Words
“Yomei Senkoku” by Harano Oni
“Yoru wo Koeru” by iTuca
“Yurareru” by Miyuna
“zero” by BLOODY HAWK DOWN (アコーホテルズ)
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