Bonsai fall work on high-water mobility Japanese Maples (Part 2)

In this video we perform branch selection, unwire and wire a bloodgood Japanese Maple pre-bonsai. The tree was collected in the spring of 2018, left untouched to grow for a season. In 2019 it was pruned during the season following Walter Pall’s hedge pruning method. Now in the fall it is time to style the tree, which means branch selection and in this case wiring. The tree is still active but on its way to dormancy. This is crucial for the tree to compartmentalize wounds introduced through the styling work, limiting sap loss as compared to what could happen if it were to be styled in the spring.

Music: Seeger by John Deley and the 41 players, Youtube music library.
#Bonsai #EvolutionBonsai #CanadianBonsai (アコーホテルズ)
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