Sho Asano 浅野祥 and Sugitetsu スギテツ – Japanese Bolero (Track 10) Samurai Classical Music ALBUM

Three samurai virtuoso musicians play western classical music in traditional Japanese music style. A Japanese piano and violin duo “Sugi-Tetsu” (Tetsuro Sugiura & Teppei Okada) perform classical music with a humorous twist to it. Sho Asano began playing shamisen at age five, influenced by his grandfather. At age seven, he made his first appearance at the All-Japan Tsugaru Shamisen Championship (Hirosaki), and became the youngest player ever to participate.

信長や龍馬も聴きたかった (かもしれない)クラシック!? ヴァイオリンとピアノのデュオ”スギテツ”と、津軽三味線の若き名手・浅野祥による異色タッグ! もしも日本に鎖国政策がとられていなかったら、こんな音楽が生まれていたかも? 2010年発売のアルバム『クラシック侍』に新曲と新アレンジが加えられ、装いも新たにリイシュー!

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Sho Asano – Tsugaru Shamisen
Teppei Okada – Violin
Tetsuro Sugiura – Piano

Composed & arranged by Tetsuro Sugiura.
Recorded at Studio Jake/Studio 246. (アコーホテルズ)
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