How to see a Sumo Wrestling practice in Tokyo, Japan

Watching a Sumo Wrestling practice, while in Tokyo was a priority for us. Luckily, we were visiting right before tournament time, and we were able to sit in on a practice. This was a very up close and intimate experience. We preferred observing the practice over going to the tournament, because the tournaments are so huge and the tickets are very expensive.
Sumo started in Japan, over 2,000 years ago, as a form of entertainment for the imperial family. on average, the sumo wrestlers weigh about 350 lb and consume more than 20,000 calories per day. They live and train in the same facility. Their routine consists of waking up, eating, training, sleeping, training, eating, sleeping, training, and over and over again for the whole day. They are responsible for cooking all of their own meals and cleaning their facility. Sumos can start to train as early as 10 years old in Japan. We got a really good deal on this experience through voyaging. Click the link below for this experience.
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