Welcome to the 2019 Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament

**Links Below** In this video we discuss:
1 – the banzuke (rank listing chart) for the upcoming Fukuoka basho (Nov 10 to Nov 24)
2 – The contest for the November tournament
3 – Me going to Fukuoka and attending on Saturday the 16th and a possible meet up
4 – I had wanted to mention #teamtrees and what the channel is going to do to support this worthy cause, but I will wait and tell you about it on Day 1 on Sunday, November 10th.

On with the LINKS!

Contest entry form:

Jason’s SUMO t-shirts (on sale in 2019):

The official SUMO homepage with the banzuke and daily match listings:

Good article explaining various SUMO traditions, rules and phrases:

NHK World’s SUMO page with rules, explanations and highlights & Sumopedia:

Link to Jason’s Tip Jar:

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Dedicated SUMO Twitter is @Sumo_Jason or

Lots of SUMO goods including calendars, t-shirts, trading cards & the official banzuke:

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