Shuhou Tokubetsu Junmai Miyamanishiki [Nihonsyu Sake] 日本酒 秀鳳 特別純米 美山錦100% 超辛口+10 生酒 秀鳳酒造

This time, I drank shuhou tokubetsu junmai (sake).
The price is 2480 yen.

Although it is a special pure rice, its fragrance is also very good, but it is not too strong aroma, but it is very easy to drink and it feels refreshed.

I also thought that it is a very good sake with a sense of almighty that seems to be good also for drinking just by drinking after meals with sake even often during meals.

I want to enjoy the nice smell of Japanese sake, it is one recommended book for you.

日本酒度 +10
酸度 1.4
精米歩合 美山錦 55% (山形県産美山錦100%使用)
アルコール度数 16度
使用酵母 山形酵母

Addores : 〒990-0063 山形県山形市山家町一丁目6番6号




日本酒のいい香りを楽しみたい、あなたにもおすすめの一本です。 (アコーホテルズ)
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