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Porter Robinson talks about his favorite anime opening

American electronic music producer Porter Robinson participated in a video Q&A ( with his Japanese fans.

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He was asked:
“What’s your favorite Japanese anime song? I recommend a song called “Step” by ClariS. And do you like me?”

Here’s how he responded:
“Hello Nasshi-san. My favorite anime opening I think the one that’s most touching to me is Aoi Shiori by Galileo Galilei is so so beautiful to me. I really associate it with Anohana which of course is very touching to me. But I think the one who has my most favourites. Yeah, ClariS is an amazing suggestion. That song is so great. Click is such a good song. I love Connect and Irony. Yeah I really really love Kz – I love everything he does and ClariS are so talented.” (アコーホテルズ)
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