ANGYO BONSAI CENTER (Part 2) 安行新小雅良盆栽センタ


Angyo in Kawaguchi City (Saitama Pref.) has been famous for its flowers, plants and bonsai since the Edo period. In Angyo there are 50 bonsai nurseries owned by professional bonsai specialists. Each of them has several of its own bonsai up for sale at the Kawaguchi Angyo Bonsai Center. They have any kind of bonsai tree from glorious pine and oaks, azalea, plum to other various kind of trees. There are mini bonsai, small bonsai, medium bonsai and large bonsai with a great variety in price range.
You can easly reach Kawaguchi Angyo Bonsai Center by train or bus as it is not far from Tokyo.

Kawaguchi Green Center – Botanical Garden of Kawaguchi-City
Address: 700 Araijuku Oaza Kawaguchi-shi Saitama
Phone: 048-281-2319

This bonsai center is called:
Angyo Shinkogara Bonsai Center ・ 

334-0052 Saitama-ken, Kawaguchi-shi, Angyo Dewa 1-1-19 JAPAN
Tel: ++81-48-296-3301

安行 新小雅良盆栽センタ
334‐0052 埼玉県川口市安行出羽1-1-19 
電話番号:048(296)3301 (アコーホテルズ)
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