Remember: Nothing Is Absolute, But Everything Is Possible! |Sumo.R| – GTAO

Honestly I can consider these scenes above infrequent, since physics are messed up lately in Sumo Remix sessions due to unstable servers from R*, and many players become joining our sessions with low FPS or high PING, or VPN or glitches, or even Mod-Menu cheating tools, who knows…

However, I made this montage from a pure shots, and put my special touches and effects in it as I meant to do.. Even though, the hype to play Sumo Remix and talk about it, is -0 for me last weeks… Since some players got a heavier car and a stronger push from each other, etc etc etc……….

But anyway…

Definitely, The Wraith have a close comrades, and silent viewers or even some overheated haters feeling so jealousy want to see a new massive mixed video of his elegant stately art…
So, enjoy this artfully show then….

My greetings,


Music In This Video Is [FOR NON PROFIT USE]: (アコーホテルズ)
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