One of the best ramen near Nagoya Station in Japan. ふくろう ラーメン

One of the best ramens in Japan, Nagoya.
It’s nice and spicy, but so smooth.
Broth is so deep and tasty.
It’s 10 minutes walk from Nagoya Station!

からみそラーメン    $8
Soft-boiled egg $1

a bowl of rice for free at lunch
(on a first come -first served basis)
You buy a ticket first at the machine.
Don’t forget to buy an egg.

ふくろう means an owl.
close every Sunday.
hours : 11 ~ 15、  18 ~ 22p.m

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☎  052-355-0787

location :
just google it  ↓

5VFH+VP Nagoya, Aichi

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