Sumo Food Chanko Nabe in Ryogoku: Founded by a Sumo Wrestler [LOCAL SELECT]

Japan’s national sport, SUMO. Here, in the home of sumo in Tokyo, Ryogoku, we can find the source of the Sumo Wrestlers’ power – CHANKO NABE. This hearty soup packed with pounds of chicken, tofu and veggies, 15 ingredients in all, lets Japan’s fighters pack on the pounds in muscle, not fat.

Founded by a real sumo wrestler legend, Heikichi Ouchi, after retiring from the ring, Ouchi Chanko Nabe carries on his namesake and legacy.

Although sumo is an individual sport, a stable of sumo wrestlers sitting around eating Chanko Nabe can bond as a family over this beautiful broth. If you’re looking for things to do in Tokyo, or things to do in Ryogoku, Ouchi is the perfect pick for your visit. How about sharing a pot with your own family and friends during your sumo outing and seeing for yourself?


Domo domo domo!!! TOKYO HANDSOME BOYS desu!!! We want to show you REAL LOCAL TOKYO!!

Konnichiwa, I am Naoki from Tokyo, so, I can show you things only locals know. Why are we called TOKYO HANDSOME BOYS? Please look at my face. Do you trust me?

Hi, this is Kevin, I am a super translator for Naoki. We make videos to show you Tokyo local areas, but more than that, I hope you can love Naoki’s beautiful English. It is Japan’s gift to the world. We wanted to share Naoki English with you, so we made this channel.

When you visit Tokyo, come hang out with us!! We want to see your smiling face and make you eat WEIRD local food that Japanese people eat every day. Come enjoy our soul food & drink. I promise, you will love it. 癖になるかもよ〜 (アコーホテルズ)
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