Sumo in Fukuoka Japan

You can attend one
Of six grand tournaments in Japan.
Tokyo has 3 which are in January, May, and September. Osaka has one in March, Nagoya is in July, and Fukuoka is November.

The tournaments start on a Sunday and last 15 days.
Tickets in the arena are around $36 USD and box seats are around $360 USD and can fit 4 people.
*** I recommend the box seats we really enjoyed the nice view and being able to spread out a bit.

You can buy tickets at the convenience natures like 7-11 or Lawson’s. They have a ticket machine where you can purchase them. You can try and call a phone number but it’s usually busy and tickets sell out so fast!!

You can use a website like or ( in English but has a fee).

You can buy lunch at the events but it sold out by the time we went to get food. I recommend bring some food or eat early on.

With sumo most matches seemed to last less than 30 seconds long. It’s fun to see who will win and
The presentation. Many times they get ready and stop to stand up throw salt and intimidate their opponent.

I hope you all will get a chance to enjoy watching sumo while in Japan! 🇯🇵

Thanks so much for watching! 😊
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#SumoinJapan (アコーホテルズ)
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