Samurai Gourmet (2017) – Japanese TV Drama Review

Erik, the Asian Movie Enthusiast presents:

A review of “Samurai Gourmet”, a Japanese television series from 2017 that is a mix of drama and comedy.

Our protagonist here is a 60-year-old man named Takeshi who has recently retired. When he’s not spending time with his wife, he enjoys taking strolls and venturing to different restaurants. And yes, despite the title “Samurai Gourmet”, this story takes place in modern times. So what does this show have to do with samurai, exactly? Well, Takeshi is a very imaginative individual. When faced with an uncomfortable situation, he imagines what a samurai would do to deal with it. And that’s exactly what happens. The samurai aspect of this J-drama is essentially our protagonist’s imaginary friend. Certainly a bit different from what I was expecting going into this, but it works well.

A fun J-drama for food lovers. (アコーホテルズ)
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