Sumo Japanese Traditional Sport Wrestling

Sumo is Japan’s national sport and has existed since ancient times. Professional Sumo appeared in the Edo Period.
In sumo, two wrestlers face off in the middle of a dohyð ring measuring 4.55 meters in diameter. Every action. such as scattering purifying salt on the ring, is part of sumo’s ancient tradition.
There are 70 different ways to win. such as oshidashi (push out), uwatenage (over-arm throw), yoritaoshi (frontal crush-out) or yarikiri (frontal force-out).
Sumo Wrestlers are ranked according to their results. Yokozuna (grand champion). Özeki (champion). arid Sekitvake (juniar champion) are the top three ranks- They wrestle with several ranked competitors during the 15•jay tournament, and winner is decided.
Sumo wrestling tournaments have been held Six times a year since 1958
The achievements of a few foreign wrestlers have gradually internationalized the appeal of sumo. The number sumo fans is increasing. not only among Japanese, but also non-Japanese. (アコーホテルズ)
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