SUMO Traffic Simulation in Unity3D (3d Simulation)

I ported the Traci4J Library to C# for Unity3D to communicate with SUMO via TCP. Everything which is generated only bases on the SUMO file.

I almost used only free assets (mostly 3D models) with exception of one (SuperSplines).

1. Part:
It is possible to insert an ego vehicle which can be controlled via keyboard or via UDP (We are using a complex realtime vehicle model as source for the ego vehicle)

2. Part:
It is also possible to just observe the traffic within the 3D Environment wihtout ego vehicle.

The rotational speeds of the wheels and their steering angles are approximated by the yaw angle and the speed of the vehicle bodies.

Note that I had to disable the shadows since my working PC is not powerful enough.

Work in progress:
– The traffic lights only can handle one command (one lane).
– For more realistic terrains, the inclination (z coordinate) will be included (アコーホテルズ)
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