22nd Children Sumo Tournament 2006 (7/8)

07/30/2006 第22回わんぱく相撲全国大会

Wanpaku Sumo literally translated to “Naughty Sumo”, is a quickly fading tradition in Japan’s rich cultural history. The sport of sumo wrestling is steeped in religious ceremony ritual, a far contrast from today’s cosmopolitan consumer society that makes up most of the population. In a sparing hope to keep the sumo culture alive, a few hundred Japanese elementary school competitors battle it out once a year to have the honor of the Jr. Yokozuna title. While the audience in attendance was mostly composed of the extended family of the contestants, it was clearly visible that the image sumo wrestling is stricken to an audience of convalescents and daytime public broadcasting channels.

優勝  五所川原 (青森県) 
準優勝  南長野 (長野県)  
3位  中条 (新潟県)
【4年生】  優勝 山本 正克 (長野・南長野)  
【5年生】  優勝 新保 杏也 (青森・五所川原) 
【6年生】  優勝 村松 裕介 (広島・竹原) (アコーホテルズ)
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