N9 “SUMO FLOW (Cum Grano Salis)”

Cum Grano Salis is the latin translation of the saying “Grain Of Salt”, which means to have a “bit of intelligence”

A piece written by Nimbus Nine (N9) which he was supposed to perform at the first ever Fliptop Battle League held at Quantum Cafe last Feb 06, 2010.

Fliptop Battle League is officially one year old as of Feb 6. 2011, and they have drastically changed the game in the Philippine Hip-Hop scene. Probably the best thing to happen in the Philippine scene in a while.


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Recorded at SOULFIESTA Studios, Las Pinas by: B-Roc
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Beat Used, without permission, is from BOOBA – “Boite Vocale”

*The views of the featured artist are his own and has no relation to the views and stand points of Booba, Fliptop Battle League, Soulfiesta and Quantum Cafe respectively* (アコーホテルズ)
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